Dividing Canaan (piece by piece)

this is to document my submarine behaviour

9 January 1986
Born/Raised and forever in love wit Queens (reppin Elmhurst 20 years plus).

y'kno me as tha emotional landscape engineer wit tha chinchilla (fuckin' gangsta : na mean)

i will never be the guy who lays down his wrists like some pitiful christ waiting for the pins of these doktors to pierce me against the carbon because i am always beyound the peripheral of the thug life
keepin tha flow to tha beat of every industrial winter

i wont be anyone else.

--- Who's the real afro samurai, bitch nigga. I'll pull the racially celebrated nationalist weave off of this. Too tight. Chant Down Babylon. Emmet Till. Vincent Chin. Chant Down Babylon. Uhuru, you should know better. The rhythm of segregationist boots marching are the same no difference whose feet wear em. Konichiwa my katana to your face. Empress Menen, she covers me with support fire. She knows how much i honour this life - the latest page in the manuscript of bushido. Rastafari. Yeah Yeah. Imma gon give birth ta church. Who's the real afro samurai, bitch nigga.

"Is there room in my heart
for you to follow your heart
and not need more blood
from the tip of your star"

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