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Molecular Biology: America - Dividing Canaan (piece by piece) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Molecular Biology: America [May. 28th, 2007|12:33 pm]
*Over morning toast and tea (blueberry and jasmine, respectively)

"Who are you now that you've been cut from the mother crown for so long?"
"How will you strut now that the scars are so evident to just about everyone?"
"What is it that makes one seek such power? What is it that makes one so conjoined to it?"

I say to you:
 "Be careful, lovely. The night will fall soon and before dawn can be reached you will have to dig, with bare hands if necessary,
deep past the centuries and past the slaughters and the civil disobedience and find the face that was always there all along".

*Over lunch somewhere in New York City (seasonally indicative that it is late May)

This is my power source - this, my one finger salute
This is my power source - this, my one finger salute

I can't understand your tongue. It speaks of desire. The desire to drive to the shore and abandon all sense of domesticity into the hunger of the receding tide. Yes, we all have the will to work this through but I have yet to see the signs that point to the massive undertaking brewing under the land - from person to person to person.

Is salvation Noam Chompsky?
Is salvation in the Easter service?
Is salvation in the Mojito had during the 4th of July?
Is salvation in the patent leather of these boots?

"How long have you forgotten that your make up is foundation based - fundamentally premised on the idea of strands interwoven?"

*After dinner. 9:50 P.M. Honeydew votives fragrant in the warm air.

"I've tried to hold back the tears for so long, and i'm sure the wrinkles around the eyes surely attest"
"Well, why did you ever think that repression would work?"
"There wasn't much thought. Just fear. It would just appear one day and choke retrospect and foresight to death. I think that is what truly brutalizes"
"Lovely, we have been waiting for so long for you to work through your psychic shit. There are those of us who have grown impatient, who have lost faith and now take only glee as they watch you fall"
"Yes, i am not blind to this"
"And lovely, we have known about your faults for decades. Do not turn to deception ever again. It only fuels our distrust and consequently our hatred. There has to be a direction for us to take where the distance from the horizon is not so daunting, and therefore our dreams not so farfetched".

Who is fit to be the commander-in-chief? And when the news of war arrives at our door how will our hands tremble?

By the time all the denizens, merchants, and bureaucrats were seated in the grand central colosseum the sound of the ram's horn bellowed across the vast city, so loudly every individual felt it cellularly, and each understood the great noise in their own way.



The residue of us all are printed on her body - irreversible and inevitably, and has nothing to do with fate.

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